Days 12 & 13

The 28th was a relaxed day in the south of France. Very fitting. We sat around being fed, then started being given copious amounts of wine at lunch time. Very southern French indeed. After some canasta (thankfully cards transcend language barriers) we headed off for a scenic drive. We went to a couple of wineries and sampled the local drink, yummy indeed! We also stopped by the Rhône at sunset. Gorgeous. Here are some photos of our first day.



You can also buy wine from wineries like from a petrol pump. It’s about €1 a litre. So weird.

Here I am sampling the local produce.

Here is the house we stayed in. It was built in 1798.

On the morning of the 29th we got up early and went for a walk at sunrise. This was absolutely stunning. Freezing, but stunning.





Jenny’s aunt & uncle were very hospitable and we enjoyed a relaxing time there. On the 29th we took the train to Nice on the southern French coast, arriving mid afternoon. Nice is so far the prettiest place in France we’ve been. It’s much more like what we thought Paris would be. We’re looking forward to exploring it over the next few days before heading to Rome on the 31st.


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