Days 9, 10 & 11

(Delayed post due to no wifi access. Written offline a few days ago.)

On the 26th we headed over to the Château de Versailles. It was ridiculously massive. It was the palace of Louis XIV. Well, he’s the Louis (a few of the Louis’ lived there) who is famous for making it what is now anyway. And the gardens! The sheer size of the gardens is utterly ludicrous. Google a map of the Palace of Versailles and you’ll see what I mean. Truly insane. No wonder the people revolted and stormed the place. I’d be angry too if my king lived like that while I starved on the street. Here are some photos.





The hall of mirrors was my favourite part.

The 26th was the day that Ingrid & Kathryn left us to go back to London 😦
After seeing the Palace of Versailles Jenny & I had to change hotels. Then Jenny, Marc & I went out for a dinner of crêpes. We’ve been so busy that we needed an early night, so after dinner we headed back to the hotel and crashed early.

On the 27th we went out for breakfast (more crêpes) then headed over to the train station. We’re now spending 3 days near Avignon (southern France) with some of Jenny’s relatives. They do not speak English. I do not speak French. They are Swiss though so I’m trying out my German. I am painfully rusty! I can follow threads of conversations at times because Swiss German is similar (sort of) to German but I am feeling lost quite a lot! But it’s all good 🙂

I’m not sure why Paris is meant to be such a romantic city. It isn’t very pretty. Not at all. It lacks colour and the French are not friendly. Montmartre was the only really pretty part of Paris, but I also loved the views of the city lights at night from high places. The south of France is much prettier. We’re in a wine region now, but sadly it’s the wrong season for it to be at it’s best. At least it hasn’t really been raining. We’ve only had half a day of rain since leaving London.

One of the other things I’ve noticed about the UK and Europe in general is that there aren’t any new buildings. Everything is so old! I can hear you saying ‘Der Megan!’, but I mean there really aren’t any new buildings. Perhaps hotels and fancy office buildings occasionally, but there are no new houses. Renovated yes, but nothing new. We have a huge building industry in Australia, but there isn’t really one here. I guess we are ever expanding, but here there is no room to expand. Useless you live right out in the country, no one (literally no one) lives in a house, everything is high rise apartments. And I mean everything. It’s a very different way of living. Everything is super tiny. Compared to Australian standards, housing really is tiny.

Alcohol here is also ridiculously cheap! We had a nice bottle of red with dinner last night that cost 1€80! We also drank decent champagne in Paris that cost 2€95. Food and drink here seems to be much cheaper than in Australia. No so much in restaurants, that’s about the same, but supermarkets are much cheaper. However, the average wage here is much less so I guess it evens out.

I’m still loving the trip. I’m having an amazing time soaking up different cultures and landscapes. I’m so glad I’m holidaying here, however, do far no where has tempted me to want to move.


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