Day 14

I have loved today in Nice. It’s definitely my favourite part of France. However the souvenirs here are incredibly tacky, so I haven’t bought anything. The photos will suffice.

We arrived yesterday arvo and trekked to the hotel with all our bags, then realised that the hotel is on the 3rd floor, with no elevator. Boooooooo! We do have a nice view though and we’re very close to everything.

After settling in we wandered around, found some markets, went for a walk along the foreshore, and had a wine in a beach cafe.



After that we went out for dinner to a Chinese restaurant. They spoke French and Chinese. We spoke neither. It was a little confusing, but we accidentally ordered some excellent food! Jenny & I are both vegetarian, so ordering off menus we can’t read can be problematic! So far so good though. Jenny sees cheese on a menu and just gravitates towards that.

We started today (29th) at some markets which weren’t exactly what we thought they’d be. It was a flower and fresh produce market, but it was still lovely. After that we wandered along the foreshore in the opposite direction to last night and accidentally found the thing we were wanting to go to. Castle Hill is a ruined castle high on a point that was torn down by Louis XIV. There were stunning views from up there.




We also found a lovely little cathedral while wandering through tiny lane ways full of shops.

At about 4:30 we went back to the hotel to do a couple of things, then headed out for dinner. We went to a place famous for something called ‘socca’. We’ve read that it’s a must eat food. It did not disappoint. Yummo! Then we wandered the streets looking for this bar that was recommended, but it turned out to be a trashy English pub so we gave it a miss. However, next door was a piano bar with a pianist who was seriously good. We had a couple of wines there and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Lovely! Thanks France for a delightful last day. My favourite days in France have been out first and our last (excluding travel days).

Tomorrow we head to Rome, just in time for New Years. We’re looking forward to our Italian adventure!


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