Day 17

Our last day in Rome was packed. First we headed to the Roman Forum. It’s a bunch of old city ruins. Very beautiful. As we’ve discovered pretty much everything in Rome seems to have been destroyed by a fire at some point. There was one major one in the 3rd century that took out 2/3rds of the city, but there were lots of other smaller ones too. We also saw Palatine, more old ruins next to the Forum. Again, very beautiful. Here are some photos of those.



These were next to the colosseum, so that was out next stop. Because we went to the Forum first and already had our ticket to get into the colosseum, we didn’t have to wait in the massive queues. It was awesome! We appreciated the guy from our hotel giving us that tip! The colosseum was incredible. I truly loved it. Such amazing history. Here are some photos.



After that we wandered to the older part of Rome called Trastevere. That was very beautiful. Lots of little laneways, beautiful cafes and old churches.


We wandered back to our hotel via the Pantheon (incredible) and the fountain of Trevi (also amazing).



We did a huge amount of walking today and my feet protested 😦

After resting our feet for a while we went back to the same place we’ve been for dinner every night in Rome and had yet more delicious food. I love the food here! Soooooo good!

I haven’t been particularly impressed with Rome as a city. It’s ok, but it’s been my least favourite place so far. Some of the things we saw were incredible, but the city itself doesn’t appeal to me.

After a truly terrible night’s sleep we were off to Florence. I’m now on a train heading north and looking forward to the beauty of another city. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous! The views on this train are so beautiful. I wasn’t that taken with the French countryside, but the Italian countryside is stunning.

I’ll post this when I get some wifi as there is none on the train.
(Posting now from our hotel, which is lovely)


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