Days 18 & 19

After arriving yesterday we went out to find lunch. So good. As almost all Italian food seems to be. We got pizza and wandered through Florence. Markets are everywhere and the weather was beautiful. We’re loving Florence much more than Rome. So picturesque. Obviously there are a billion churches everywhere, they seem to be the main attractions. And all the galleries of course. Here are a few photos.
On Thursday we also went to the museum that holds Michelangelo’s ‘David’. That statue is utterly incredible. I have rarely been moved by a piece of art in such a way. It was truly awe inspiring. I found it really hard to tear myself away from it. It stands a bit over 5m tall, filling your vision. Words cannot describe my enthralment. I could have stayed there all day. I highly recommend going if you ever get the opportunity. Words are utterly inadequate. Also, we weren’t allowed to take photos, not that a photo could have captured it. There is a stone replica of the statue in a piazza not far from the museum, but it is so inadequate. Neither Jenny nor I could tell why, but the replica moved neither of us. It’s the same size and is a complete copy, but it lacks the awe inspiring quality. We’re not sure why, but it’s forgettable. David is not.

I also got to see a (very old) real stratovarious violin! Stunning!

I then bought a very pretty scarf from a market stall 🙂

That night we went out to a lovely place for a dinner of veggie lasagne and chianti. Chianti is an Italian red wine. It was nice, but I didn’t think it was anything incredible. I also ordered a drink that turned out to be straight alcohol! I don’t suggest a ‘negroni’. It was quite bitter and took aaaaaaaages to get through!

We looked up a jazz bar, so we headed there after dinner. Unfortunately we got there at 9:15pm and they didn’t open until 10:30pm, so we skipped that and went back to the hotel. We spent a good 1.5 hours walking around after dinner before getting back. At least it was a nice night for a walk. Even if it was freezing!

Today (4th) we had breakfast at the hotel buffet. It turns out that it’s mostly just leftovers from the restaurant the night before. A odd breakfast indeed: chips, pizza, pasta, fried rice, steamed veggies, salad, biscuits, eggs & toast. After breakfast we went on a 2 hour (free) walking tour organised by the hotel. It was really interesting! We learnt lots about the history of Florence.

After that we had another yummy lunch and had a lovely chat to an Aussie family from Brisbane who were doing almost the exactly same holiday as us, also for 5 weeks.

Then we went to a big museum (no photos there either) full of paintings and sculptures, then had a look around the attached gardens (Boboli gardens). It was all very beautiful but it was absolutely freezing! Today’s was definitely the coldest it’s been so far!




Now we’re back at the hotel doing some washing and we’ll head out for dinner soon. Tomorrow we’re doing a day tour of San Gimignana, Siena & Chianti. That will be more country Italy and the wine regions. Can’t wait!


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