Day 20 & 21

Day 20 was a huge one for us. We got up early (well, earlier than we have at any other point on this trip) to go on a day tour of Tuscany. It was really cold and pretty foggy, so that obscured some of our views, but it wasn’t too bad and was still extremely beautiful. Country Italy is absolutely gorgeous! It is so much prettier than France. However, with all the beautiful sweeping views come… HILLS! So many bloody hills! And not just gentle slopes, ridiculously steep inclines and giant steep steps. I am getting a serious workout over here. I guess it makes up for all the carb loaded delicious Italian food. Here are some photos from San Gimignano.



Next on the trip was Siena. Another beautiful city set on… hills. We got a guided tour and found out lots about the history of the place, and yes, we saw more churches. I swear the only things Italy has on their tourist trips are churches and art galleries. Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely, but all the churches are starting to blur into one… We also tasted some of the local produce: oils, biscuits etc.

Next was the fortress of Monteriggioni. And yes, you guessed it, it was on top of a hill. We didn’t spend long there. Just enough time for a drink and a look at the beautiful Tuscan views.

The last stop was a farm winery in the Chianti region. The place was ridiculously amazing. Unfortunately by the time we got there the sun had just set so we didn’t get to see the beautiful views, but we did get to tour the cellars and get told about how they make the wine, oil and balsamic. It smelt incredible! After the brief tour we went upstairs to the restaurant to do a tasting. Wow! The best tasting I’ve ever done! We tried 3 different wines, which were amazing themselves, but also some of the local produce. We tried their best extra virgin olive oil on yummy bread, then 8 year balsamic on beans (which seems like an odd combination but was seriously delicious), then truffle oil on bread (super delicious!!!), then honey on cheese (again, sounds weird but was fantastic), then a 30 year old balsamic on ice cream (unbelievable!!!). We didn’t buy anything (too hard to carry around), but you can order online and get things shipped. We’re still thinking about that…

The roads in Italy are pretty rubbish. It must be sooooo bad for your car! And I think the roads around Hamilton are terrible (which they are), but they’re nothing compared to Italy!

Also, there aren’t many cars around (other than in Rome). People walk on the roads, not really on the (tiny) footpaths. It’s always a bit annoying when a car comes and we have to get out of the way. I swear it’d just be quicker to walk. Why bother driving anywhere? In the smaller towns you can get away with walking everywhere because they’re not very big. Everything is built up, not out. I think we’ve averaged about 10-15km most days. We really are walking a lot.

This morning (Sunday) we packed again and are now on a train to Venice. Can’t wait! I’ll post this when I get some wifi.

Venice is amazing! We absolutely love it and it’s totally gorgeous! We arrived about 12:30pm and took a waterbus (awesome) to our hotel. It wasn’t too easy to find, but we got there. Then we spent the afternoon just wandering around and loving it! I’m finding it hard not to buy $1000 worth of jewellery! Everything here is so amazing and beautiful. Here are some photos to prove it.




Tomorrow we go on a day tour of 3 islands off Venice. Looking forward to all the beautiful sights, places and things.


4 Replies to “Day 20 & 21”

  1. The pictures of Venice, and the rest of Italy are sooooooo gorgeous! I want to go there so much now!!!! Did I mention I was jealous? because I am. Ps. You still have to get me some pizza from Italy!

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