Day 22

Today was fantastic and very water based! We slept in then wandered around town to find brunch. After eating we went on a… GONDOLA RIDE! It was so much fun! It was pretty pricey but we just had to do it! We started on the grand canal then wound our way through some little ‘streets’. It went for about half an hour. So. Much. Fun. And here are some photos to prove it.



I’ve also uploaded a 30 second video of our gondola ride:

After our gondola ride we wandered around town for a bit longer before it was time for our half day trip to 3 local islands: Murano (glass making), Torcello (beautiful old island with only 60 in habitants) and Borano (lace making and very colourful buildings). It was really nice to see a bit more of Italy and buy pretty things 🙂
Here is the sun setting in Torcello

The boat trip


A ring I bought in Murano

When we got back to Venice it was dark and extremely foggy.

Now we’re back at the hotel chilling before heading out for dinner. Another wonderful day. We love Venice!

As a side note I have gotten sick. Booooooooooo! Kathryn was sick so I guess I’ve caught whatever she had. Bad Kathryn! I can’t stop coughing and today I’ve been all achy and slightly fevery. Oh, and I managed to leave my ventolin in Hamilton. Great. But I’m powering through!


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