Day 23 & Misc photos

Today was one of the least eventful days so far. I’m really quite sick, so after a bit of sleep we went on a mission to find ventolin and cold and flu tablets. Everywhere in the UK & Europe so far has required a prescription to get ventolin (I tried to buy it in a couple of places) so I tried to find a doctor this morning. Long story short, Venice appears to be the only place where you don’t need a prescription to get ventolin. Yay! So now I’m all drugged up and is can breathe again.

We spent the next few hours slowly wandering around Venice (and buying more pretty things) as it’s our last day here. Then I had a nap. Brilliant. In the evening we went went to a fantastic jazz bar for dinner. Incredible food and Diana Krall playing in the background. Simply wonderful.

Tomorrow we fly to Berlin. Where it will be freezing.

Now for some photos. Here are some photos that Ingrid took from our time in Paris. They include the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Christmas Day karaoke among other things.









I might be stealing condiments in that last one. Busted.


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