Day 24

Day 24 has been fairly uneventful. We checked out of our hotel after breakfast and made our way to the airport to fly from Venice to Berlin. We arrived at our Berlin hotel at about 4pm and settled in. We think we might be in a dodgy part of Berlin because as soon as we exited the train station we saw a massive sex shop and I noticed at least 8 prostitutes walking up and down the streets. Thankfully we walked in the opposite direction to get to our hotel, so I think we’re just outside of the dodgy strip…

Later we had dinner at a very yummy (and super cheap) Vietnamese restaurant. Rice paper rolls then spicy tofu, rice and salad red curry. Mmmm. Can’t forget the jasmine tea either. Double mmmm. I did have 2 of them after all! Dinner was great, but walking past all the prostitutes just made me sad. They must also have been utterly freezing in what they were wearing. I really felt deeply sad for them.

On a different note I’m even sicker now unfortunately. However, I do have cold and flu meds and ventolin to keep me breathing. I’ve got a fairly full on fever and my nose has basically turned into a tap. There is also the non-stop coughing that’s driving me crazy. Silly body! Don’t you know we’re on holidays! Stop being sick!


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