Days 26, 27 & 28

Day 26 was our last day in Germany. After the snow of the previous night we awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow that didn’t melt all day. It was beautiful, but it was absolutely freezing!

To start our day we had breakfast at the hotel then headed to the Reichstag (German parliament). We didn’t realise we had to book tickets so we booked in for 3pm then went to do some shopping instead. The shopping sucked and it was beyond freezing. The Reichstag is a stunning building and was very interesting. I highly recommend it. Even just look it up online. It’s beautiful. Entry was free and even came with a free audio tour.





After that we went back to out hotel, picked up our luggage and headed to the airport, ready to fly to the UK in general, and Bristol in particular. No one in Europe seems to have boarder control. And I mean no one. We’ve had no stamps on our passports and no one at boarder control to even look my our passports. Very strange indeed. The UK is the only place that cares at all.

In Bristol we’re staying with Jenny’s old housemate Art. He’s from England originally. I love Bristol. This is the only place we’ve been to so far that I can see myself actually living in (not that I plan to move here). It’s beautiful! Apart from the weather of course. I’m really enjoying my time here.

On day 27 (Saturday) we slept in a bit and had breakfast at Art’s before heading to a pub (which was actually a moored ship, very cool) for a couple of pints (that is such a big thing here) and lunch with a bunch of Art’s friends. Yummo! Then we all went to a soccer match. Football. I mean, football. We saw Bristol City v Leicester. We sat in the Leicester section and I’m so glad we did. They were very entertaining! Their chants were non stop and they were either extremely blunt and kind of offensive (such as the charming ‘you’re s&!t you’re s&!t you’re s&!t’) or musical without many lyrics (such as ‘oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-Leicester’). It was utterly freezing and raining as per usual, but we had so much fun! It seemed like a very British thing to do, going to the football.


After the game we went to another pub for another couple of pints, then walked up an insane hill to see a boring suspension bridge. Boooooo.

After the bridge we went back to Art’s place with lots of other people for dinner and a movie (Kinky Boots). Lots of fun. Jenny’s brother Marc had also come up to Bristol to join us for the day.

Today (day 28) was DOCTOR WHO DAY!!! We took the train to Cardiff this morning and went to the Doctor Who Experience! Well, I did. Jenny isn’t a Doctor Who fan so she wandered round Cadiff for a couple of hours while I got my nerd on. I had the best time! I seriously loved it! I can’t describe how happy it made me to go! I won’t go on about it (because I really could, for ages), but here are some (ok, lots) photos.
















After that we had lunch by the bay and cocktails. Mmmm. Then we headed off to the Welsh parliament. It’s a beautiful building and very new, as the Welsh governing themselves (rather than by the UK) is rather new. We took a tour (which was a private tour because we were the only people there) and learnt lots.



After the parliament we went to the millennium centre and head a beautiful soprano singing some opera. That required another cocktail. Then we went to some crappy museum before catching the aquabus back to the train station, and a train back to Bristol. Now we’re back in Bristol waiting to have dinner at Art’s. This is our last night here before heading off to Scotland at an absurd time tomorrow morning.


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