Days 34 & 35 – The End

Day 34 started with Kathryn & I meeting Marissa at the Houses of Parliament for an official tour. That was really fascinating but sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos. I learnt more about English parliamentary history and how it currently runs. It’s quite dodgy really. The House of Lords (sort of like our senate but not really) is made up of church clergy, old land owners and life time parliamentary members. So dodgy. The House of Commons however is incredible similar to our House of Representatives. A much better system. I won’t bore you with lots of politics (although I could for aaaaaaaages), but it’s safe to say that I loved the tour. Ask me about it if you’re interested, I’d love to have a chat 🙂

After that we headed to a pub for lunch and then a bit later a friend of mind from London, Dan came to catch up with me, which was lovely.

After lunch and drinks we said goodbye to Marissa and tried to go to Westminster Abbey for a Sunday evening service. There was none. Oh well. Instead we wandered the streets and saw London at night. We walked down Southbank and enjoyed the views, but not the cold. We had a drink at the British film industry building, then kept wandering before having dinner at a stereotypical English pub. Lovely. After a late dinner we headed back to Kathryn’s so I could pack 😦
Here is a selection of photos from day 34.








It’s been weird not having Jenny around the last couple of days. I have spent 24 hours a day with her for a month, so it’s weird not having her here now. She has been the most fantastic travel buddy. We’ve had zero problems with each other, which is an impressive feat in itself having spent so much concentrated time together. She’s been so easy going and just great to experience Europe and the UK with. Jenny, you rock.

Day 35 was just packing up the last of my things and making my way to the airport, which sounds straight forward. It was not. Because of the non stop snow we’ve had for the last few days, there have been a lot of train cancellations (and flight cancellations!). Photo evidence:

We couldn’t take a straight forward route to the airport, so we went to Paddington station instead where I was going to pay to get an express train to Heathrow. After buying my £20 ticket I discovered they had also all been cancelled. So I got a refund and Kathryn & I (thank goodness she was still with me!) had to find a very convoluted route via many, many train changes, avoiding all the lines that weren’t running. Not the lovely stress free last morning in London I had envisaged. I made it to the airport a little late, but they still let me check in and all was well. And thankfully my flight was still on schedule!

I’m now in Dubai killing time before my connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur, then Melbourne. It’s 2am here, but it’s 10pm London time so I have not slept. I might get some sleep on the next flights if I can, but I can never sleep on planes. I arrived in Melbourne at 2am on Tuesday morning, Melbourne time.

Now it’s the end. I have had the most amazing holiday! It will be exactly 5 weeks between leaving Melbourne and arriving again. Everything we’ve done and everywhere we’ve been has been simply amazing. I could not have dreamed of a better holiday. I hope to have wonderful, vivid memories for years to come!


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