I feel like I really am back to normal life now.  Yes, I started work again last week, but the kids came back today. Part of my head is still overseas, part of me feels like it was a wonderful dream that never actually happened.  I got pretty used to not having a job and just spending my time as I pleased.  I could easily have stayed for another month!  Thankfully though I truly love my job.  I am extremely blessed and I know it.  My kids are incredible and it was so good to see them again today.  I’ve actually missed them.  Today I’m back to my ‘normal’ routine, but thankfully it’s not mundane!  Teaching is different everyday and I love that.  I couldn’t handle a repetitive job.  I’m grateful for my life and I’m grateful for my experiences.  I am blessed. Yeah, this is pretty much a bragging post now that I think about it.  Sorry about that.


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