IMG_7267Preamble:  This is my third year teaching at my current school.  Also the photo to the right I took yesterday.  She was our swimming champion.


Yesterday was our annual swimming carnival.  I adore our swimming carnival.  Generally speaking sports days are awful for teachers.  You run around like a maniac forcefully asking kids to do the right thing because they’re in crazy mode as it feels like a day off to them.  That’s how it’s been at all the other schools I’ve done carnivals with.  Not this one.  Yes, we have the general behavioural management stuff to do, but our sports days rock.  Seriously.  My kids couldn’t be more amazing.  Well, I’m sure they could, but then they’d be cyborgs and that’d be boring for everyone.  Plus I’d be afraid of them becoming intelligent and killing me.

But I digress.

(However, I really don’t want them to kill me)

THIS is what I wrote about our swimming carnival in my first year at this school.  My feelings have not changed.

My kids are utterly amazing.

Generally speaking, sports days are times where sporty kids feel good and non-sporty kids feel inferior.  Not at our school.  Yeah, we have our super swimmers who get their moment to shine, but we also have this amazing culture of supporting the non-swimmers & making them feel awesome.

And I don’t just mean the kids who aren’t super brilliant at swimming.  I mean the kids who take twice as long as the slow ones to complete their laps.  The other kids rally around them and cheer them on until they reach the end and then clap enthusiastically when they finish (not sarcastically either!).  It makes me so proud!!!

(The next picture is on my classroom door)


Ieveryone-is-a-genius-but-if-you-judge-a-fish-lg can’t express how proud it makes me to see our kids look after each other and not judge them on superficial crap.  We are very proud of our sporty kids, and we give them awards and heaps of encouragement & support.  However, we also acknowledge that everyone is good at something, and everyone has different skills.  I think one of the awesome things about a small school is that the kids get to see what everyone is good at.  Everyone is good at something.

At the other end of sporting achievement… no one is made to feel inferior.  They are cheered on and made to feel special for pushing through.

Seriously, my kids rock.

I love that our small school forces the kids to look after one another.  It teaches them the skills of getting along with all personality types.  I know when I was at school (we had 1000 kids from 7 – 12) we just hung around the people we naturally gravitated towards.

It’s great to be able to only hang out with people you naturally gravitate towards, but at this school it’s not an option.  We’re too small.  You’d end up with one or two friends that way.


Part of being an adult is working with, and liaising with, people you wouldn’t necessarily choose as your friends.  The earlier you learn tolerance and patience the better.  Not everyone in life will behave the way you’d prefer (annoyingly!).

If you don’t know, our school has one class per year level.  We’re very small.  I love that this means the kids get to learn the skill of getting along with those they wouldn’t naturally choose as friends.  It’s really beautiful.

I love my kids.  Really I do.

I am blessed indeed!


4 Replies to “Encouragement”

  1. Here!Here! Megan. Wouldn’t all kids in schools be blessed if they had a teacher like you. I think that where ever you go and whatever you do your appreciation of what is important will leave a very important impact. I feel the same way about small schools after having taught in large ones.

  2. I’m really happy that there’s a good culture going on in the school. Good leadership plays a big part in that. I’m sure your kids know you love them and can’t help but respond in kind. Well done teacher! 🙂

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