12 Replies to “Poll”

  1. What about “I’d vote for the party who I believe is closest to my political ideologies and would govern the most effectively.”?

      1. I vote for the party as whole and their political ideologies. I do not vote for my local member and I do not vote for the prime minister.

        1. I didn’t make myself clear 🙂
          I mean do you vote for the person locally who best represents you or the prime minister who would best represent you. Some people think their local Liberal member does a fantastic job for the area but don’t want Tony Abbot in charge. Vice versa some people think their local Labor member is brilliant but don’t want Julia Gillard in charge.
          Or they simply vote for their local independent which means they get no say in who runs the country.

          1. Thanks. I would say that very rarely do I consider my local member as an individual, as they have very little actual influence over the government of the country. I prefer to think of my vote as going toward a set of policies and political philosophies.

  2. What about if I voted because I wanted a party to have more influence in Parliament, but not necessarily lead? I suppose that means it was about the local member, but I didn’t really know much about him. But what if that only happened the once, and the time before that it was because of the leader? And what if this time it’s because of who I *don’t* want to lead? I wanted to do your poll, but I think my methods change as quickly as politics do. 😦

  3. On September 14 I will be voting against the LNP. If Julia Gillard in Leader of the ALP, I will vote ALP. If Kevin Rudd is leader, I will vote Greens. If anybody else is leader of the ALP on that date, I will have to make up my mind then.

  4. I’m one of these rare people who votes neither Liberal or Labor but mainly independent as a protest because I think that both of the majors are either incompetent and/or borderline iniquitous. I’ve seen actions from both sides which neither respect persons not build the nation and in fact sell it short.

    Seeing as the Prime Minister is without portfolio, although they can set the tone of government, they are the least interesting of all ministers. Ministers with portfolios generally have the largest say over the outcomes which those ministries produce.

    I vote minors and indies, in the hope that my voice will be heard.

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