It was interesting to see how people vote.

It seems that I should have had an ‘other’ category.  I was going to do that, but then I thought there were too many options for ‘other’ and most people might end up choosing it, so I left it out.

In my experience some people vote for the party they want to run the country, others vote for who they want to run their local electorate.  Some people may have a local Liberal member who does an excellent job, even though they’d rather Labor run the country, and vice versa.

Also, some people want an independent candidate in power, whether it be to run their area, or to help them have a say in the federal parliament.  

Some people vote for parties like The Greens, not because they want them to be in power (they obviously can’t be in power given our political system), but rather because they want them to have a say in how our country is run.  Others however do wish The Greens were running the country (I am certainly not one of those).

Other people think that voting for an independent or The Greens is a wasted vote because you’re not having a say in who our Prime Minister is (although you sort of are because of preferencing)

Over and above everything, I just want people to be informed.  We’re never going to agree on everything, but what I have trouble with is ignorance.  I’m fine with people who are happy to admit they don’t know.  What I really struggle with is people who have no clue about policy and fervently support a political party/candidate.  If you don’t understand the issues, or what a party stands for, how can you defend them?  Find out.  Look it up, or talk it over with someone who does know.  Don’t just support someone politically because they seem good.  Most of what we see is show.  Unfortunately we have to look at the ‘boring’ detail.  What we need to know is what a party will do, not what they say (particularly about the other side, they’re obviously saying it with an agenda).

Let’s not get swept up in 30 second sound bites, let’s know what’s really going on.


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