Is It Just Me?

36090aA change of topic from the recent.

Let me HIGHLY recommend Miranda Hart reading her own autobiography (audiobook). It’s seriously incredible. It’s truly hilarious & she’s a brilliant role model for women everywhere. Miranda is insightful, ridiculous, competent & riotous. I’ve actually had to pause the book to try to subside my ludicrous laughter. It’s rather left of centre, and there are definitely similarities to Tina Fey’s autobiography at times (although one is American & one is British so there are obvious cultural differences). She’s awkward, funny and childish with moments of wisdom.

I really do think she’s a great role model for women. She’s honest, unapologetic and tries to fight against the rules of being a ‘proper woman’. There is a lot of guilt surrounding what women should look like/do and she’s really honest about how most of that is total crap.

As you can tell, this book is probably more for women than men, but I am confident that men would find it a fun read too.

I don’t want to spoil any part of the book, so let me just link you to the audiobook HERE, or you can buy a physical copy.


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