Anne Frank A Belieber?

Well, I’m sure we all know what this is going to be about.

In case you don’t, here is what Justin Bieber did on the weekend.


Now there has been lots of criticism regarding this.  Some people are overreacting of course, but a lot of people are understandably disgusted with the inappropriateness of it.  Let’s unpack it.

The sheer self importance of his statement is the main problem.  He has somehow turned the memory of Anne Frank into being about him.  Most people who experience the history surrounding the holocaust are moved and shocked by the actions of some and the experiences of others.  The focus is on those who went through the trauma; how they felt, how they coped, not on whether they would have liked you.  That is the problem with his glib statement, it is so bafflingly self centred.

I honestly don’t think Justin Bieber is a bad person.  He’s a spoilt brat, yes, but not a bad person.  His music is awful, but lots of people like it, so let’s just leave that alone.

Bieber has been famous since a young age.  He was thrust into stardom rather suddenly and has a ludicrously huge following (One Direction also come to mind in relation to this stuff).  He spent a lot of his formative years being worshipped and treated as if he was the centre of the universe.  And he was the centre of his universe.  It’s hardly surprising then that he would continue to think this way about life in general.  I don’t see any malice, or intentional arrogance in his statement.  I see a boy who is used to seeing the world as it relates to himself.

And that’s the problem.

We are creating a generation of people who see themselves as the most important.  Hopefully this is not the reality for most young people, but it is the reality for a bunch of their idols, which in turn creates this sense of entitlement in the general population.

Justin Bieber has spent his life being told how wonderful and important he is, and we’re surprised when he writes something like this in a guestbook?  I’m not.  Imagine the kind of people he is surrounded by: other self important stars, managers who want to remain in his good graces, fanatical fans, producers who want him to do what they want.  Imagine the kind of person that turns you into.

As a teacher I find this very disturbing.

I loved this letter penned by a principal of a Melbourne school.


It makes a good point about how this sort of selfish, entitled attitude ends up manifesting itself.

I hear those words often from students, “I’m bored!”.

So?  Go out and entertain yourself, be creative, do something you love, read, learn, perform, create, laugh, talk.  If you can’t entertain yourself then there is something wrong with you.  The universe is exciting.  There is no way for one person to discover all the things this world has to offer, so if you’re bored, you’re doing something wrong!  Try something new.  Don’t give up when something is hard.  Perseverance is a vital skill.  People are fascinating, things are fascinating, go and involve yourself in life!  There is no excuse to be bored in this world!  It’s wonderful!

Don’t make it all about you, because then you will get bored and you’ll be selfish.  People don’t want to be around selfish.


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