A Deal For Teachers

AEU-rally-14-2-2013-v2-700x300The Australian Education Union has finally reached a deal with the Victorian Government about pay and conditions!  WHOO!!!!!!

This is amazing news!  It’s a 4 year deal and will make us the 2nd best paid teachers in the country!  Brilliant!

Here are the highlights:

  • Salary increases of between 16.1 – 20.5 per cent for all teachers
  • 17 – 19.6 per cent for all principals
  • 12 – 17.1 per cent for all education support staff
  • A one-off lump sum payment of $1000 for all staff
  • A new process to monitor the level of contract employment across the schools
  • Education support staff to now receive an additional two weeks of annual leave per year
  • Integration aides can now be employed on contracts of up to 7 years
  • Education staff positions, with the exception of 6 week casual vacancies, will now be advertised (currently approximately 50% of positions are not advertised).

This is wonderful news for the AEU who have worked so long and hard to get this done.

Well done to Dr Napthine for negotiating a good deal for the education sector.  I’m impressed.

Here is an AEU article on some more details of the agreement.

You can also check out their twitter feed for how the announcement unfolded.


Now looking at education as a national issue (Gonski), here is an excellent Fran Kelly interview with Julia Gillard earlier this week on education reform.


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