You Need ‘The Voice’?!

ml-metro-353-abby-dobson-20121122102337384621-300x0Tonight I saw Abby Dobson audition for ‘The Voice’, AND NOT GET THROUGH!!!!

Ok, I need to breathe…

Firstly, let me just say that it was utterly painful to watch the audition.  Abby is a wonderfully accomplished, ARIA nominated artist.  I saw her [being amazing] at the Port Fairy Folk Festival less than 2 months ago. She was one of the soundtracks to my teenage years.  ‘Leonardo’s Bride’ was one of my favourite bands growing up.  I adored them.  If you don’t have their album, get it now!  Seriously.  Stop reading and go and buy it.  Come back when you’re done.

You’ve done it?  Great.  Let’s keep going then.

The Australian music scene is clearly utter rubbish.  This is evidenced by people like Abby Dobson feeling the need to pimp themselves out to ‘The Voice’.  If someone as talented, and as accomplished, as Abby can’t forge a career in our music industry then there is something wrong with us [it], not her.

If you are of the confused persuasion (as in not knowing who she is), please enjoy this amazingness:

Oh, and did I mention you should BUY THE ALBUM?!!!

‘The Voice’ is doing a very strange thing this season where they are asking known, talented singers to audition for the show.  Brendan Maclean was one of those.  He said no.  His article on why is brilliant.  Give it a read HERE.  Seriously.  Go read it and come back.

Thanks for coming back!

If you don’t know who Brendan Maclean is, here is one of his awesome songs (mind the one swear word in the song)

I also put some extra harmonies to another song of his (my favourite) if you’re interested.

Abby Dobson was one of those people who was asked to audition this season.  I’m convinced she was just as shocked as the rest of us when she didn’t get through.

I mean, COME ON!

Firstly, she’s amazing!  Secondly, she was ASKED to audition!  And then rejected?!  How bafflingly insane!  Also, it must have been utterly humiliating for her.  Watching her on stage being gracious in her rejection made me actually scream at the tv!  The judges were incredibly patronising.  She was told that she has a wonderful, unique voice and must keep ‘chasing her dream!’.  They had no idea who she was!  At the end, Delta said her voice sounded familiar and asked if she would know her from anywhere.  When Abby mentioned ‘Leonardo’s Bride’ Delta still needed to know what their hit was!  Then she clicked and was like “Oh!  It’s our loss!  I should have turned my chair!”.  I wanted to scream at her!  Abby has more experience and talent than half the panel put together and they had the gaul to patronise her?!  ARGH!!!!!

Abby has a wonderful career.  Not only is she a successful recording artist, she’s currently in an incredible duo called ‘baby et lulu’.  Look them up, or better yet, go see a live show.  The duo are utterly delightful together.  Stunning harmonies!

This is my point.

Abby has a wonderful career.  She is talented, recognised, and has a following.  She has many recordings, both with bands and as a solo artist.  The fact that she still needs to audition for this show to boost her profile says volumes about the Australian music industry.

There are a few ways we can help.

Go and see live Australian music.

Buy Australian music.


You are screwing over people who work hard to produce their craft when you do.  If you don’t want it, fine, don’t get it.  If you want it, then pay for it!  It’s $1.69 for a song.  What do you pay for a coffee?  That’s what I thought.  A coffee lasts a short time.  Music lasts forever.

Downloading without paying is just the same as stealing.  Seriously.  It’s NOT a victimless crime, you’re being a [insert expletive here].  This is especially true when we’re talking about Australian musicians.  They don’t earn stacks.  Even the very successful ones aren’t millionaires.  Also, that’s besides the point.  If you wouldn’t steal from a poor person, don’t steal from a rich one either.  That’s not your call.  Morality isn’t dependant on the context.  Either you steal or you don’t.  You don’t want me stealing something from you, so don’t do it to others.

Do you really know what it takes to make music?  It’s not just the time it takes to write a song (this could be hours or months).  It’s also the time it takes to teach it to others, to practice, to buy studio time, the pay for the other musicians’ time to play on your track, to pay for people to mix it, to pay for people to produce a CD, to pay for printing, to pay for raw materials, to pay for time, to pay for distribution, the list goes on and on.  We’re paying about $18 for album these days.  That’s not much.  If we all pay, the artists get paid.  If only some of us pay then the artists end up getting screwed and having to go on reality tv, which demeans them.

We must do our part so people like Abby Dobson don’t have to stand on a reality tv stage and get criticised like they are nobody.


4 Replies to “You Need ‘The Voice’?!”

  1. I did an hour and a half songwriting workshop with Abby Dobson where she remarked about one of my songs “I should do a song like this”, I’m not gloating when I say that but I found it encouraging. I agree that the Industry is going downhill as it is all up to the Artist to promote these days. Independence which starting in the Industry in the late 1990’s is good except for the fact that Record companies did promote our work overseas. This is why it was a 12 years gap until we had our next Number 1 US song in Gotye’s song. What is left in our music industry are popularity contests, even Triple J Unearthed has become that which is why I’ve taken our music down. I want to see people get to the top by having talent!

    1. Amen!
      Talent ought to the prevail.
      The sad reason that it doesn’t is that the money isn’t there for it to flourish.
      People talented enough to make music a career can’t often afford to because of the state of our industry.
      Sad times.
      Even Wally (Gotye) isn’t making stack of money off the Australian industry.

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