NDIS? Why Should I Have To Pay?

So why on earth should we have to pay a levy for the NDIS?  Isn’t the money I earn mine?  Why is it being taken from me to pay for other people’s stuff?

Stella Young Writes:

“Typically, every man and his guide dog has an opinion, including news.com.au’s Matt Young and Claire Porter. “How selfish of me to want to spend money that I’m working hard for on myself! To put clothes on my back, food in my mouth and a few luxuries like a morning coffee,” Matt exclaims.

Do you know what I spent the money I worked hard in 2012 on, Matt?

The clothes on my back, the food in my mouth and the odd morning coffee as well. But I also spent a fair whack of my annual salary replacing my 17-year-old wheelchair.

I live in Victoria where the current maximum funding for a wheelchair is $8,000. My chair cost $22,000, so $14,000 of that came out of my pocket.

No doubt many Australians assume people who need wheelchairs can just have them. Not true.”

This is from Stella’s wonderful article which can be found HERE.  I highly recommend giving it a read.  It’s a great piece showing what it’s like from the perspective of something who has a disability.

316092_10151623900037328_2050639784_nIt costs a lot of money to do the things that the rest of us take for granted if you’re disabled.  That seems unfair.  It’s not my fault they’re disabled, but neither is it theirs.  They still need to live in the real world, just like the rest of us.  It really boils down to compassion.  Do we care?  Are we willing to take a 0.5% increase in the medicare levy (yes, only half a percent) so that others can live a fuller life, or are we going to be selfish about it and resent helping others?

I know that I care more about people than money.  I’m happy to pay my part.

In an ideal world the government would have more money, there wouldn’t be a global financial crisis (yes, the world is definitely still suffering from this, just ask Greece) and this wouldn’t have to be an issue.  But we don’t live in a perfect world and it is an issue.

Instead of whinging about a small increase in a small levy, let’s just help those who need it and be joyous in that.



One Reply to “NDIS? Why Should I Have To Pay?”

  1. I thought that this should have been a no-brainer. The NDIS is expected to cost about $10.8bn (net) in 2018/19.
    In comparision we currently have a system which rewards people for losing money on property called “negative gearing” which cost us $13.2bn in 2010/11 and in 2018/19 would cost us $16.5bn, or $5.7bn more.

    We’re having a national argument about the cost of common sense and compassion, yet at the same time rewarding property owners for tightening the rental market and making the less well off in society (which often included those people who would benefit from the NDIS) pay more for the privilege of doing so.

    The whole NDIS could be funded tommorrow and neither Labor or Liberal have the spine to do anything about it. They’re all gutless and feckless.

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