The Tall Man – Chloe Hooper – Book club

the-tall-manThis month at book club we discussed ‘The Tall Man’ by Chloe Hooper.   It’s a seriously brilliant book (It won awards for a reason) and I think it should be mandatory reading for all Australians.  The point of this post is to provide discussion points if you want them.  As our book club host this month, I was responsible for providing discussion questions, but I couldn’t find any.  Therefore I wrote some.  So, if you’re wanting to discuss ‘The Tall Man’ in a book club and want to use the questions I wrote, feel free!



Did anything shock you about the novel? / What shocked you the most?

Was there anything you accepted in the novel that you would be shocked by if you saw it in real life?

What do you think of this quote?

“They are and will always remain children, and therefore must be protected, even sometimes against their will.” – Annual Report of the Northern Protector of Aboriginals for 1904

What cultural divides did you observe?  How did these prevent good communication between the aboriginal and white people?

Do you think Chris Hurley was guilty?  Why/why not?

Does Chris Hurley’s previous good work make up for his brutality/neglect in this case?

What do you think of the living conditions on Palm Island?

Is it ok to accept domestic violence on any level?  Why/why not?

Were there any people you liked?

Were there any people you didn’t like?

What outcome would you liked to have seen from the court case?  Why?

Is it fair to punish people for behaving in the only way they have ever had role modeled to them?  How can we overcome this?



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