An Interesting Experiment


I really want to know the final tally.


2 Replies to “An Interesting Experiment”

  1. Unfortunately the experiment is not being done according to scientific principles, so any result is skewed.

    There is no double blind, and people can see how much others have donated, so therefore can match or increase an amount to make them appear more generous. The number of people donating is not controlled, so unless the guy in question is keeping a tally of how many people donate to each group, there can’t be a clear understanding of the outcome of the results.

    Also Atheist and Agnostic are not religious, they are belief systems, based on scientific evidence, or the lack of evidence to prove otherwise.

    Finally, what is the religion, if any of the homeless man? This also has a bearing on the outcome of the results. The only thing that can be proven by this photo is the guy has found a good way to encourage guilt in just about anyone.

    Oh, and a final final, I don’t believe this experiment is an experiment at all. After all, the guy is not wearing a lab coat, nor does he have a clipboard and a pencil (for pointing at things).

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