The Cost Of Education

Here is a letter I wrote to both Senator Carr (minister for higher education) & Bill Shorten (minister for education)



Dear Senator Carr

I wanted to raise with you my concerns about the cost of higher education.  I’m a teacher and want to get further qualified to improve my teaching.  I have just enrolled in a graduate diploma of mathematics.  I am paying my course via fee help, because I cannot afford to pay upfront fees.  I am appalled that this 12 month period of study is going to cost me $14,800.  That is an absurd amount of money to educate myself and contribute to society.

I feel frustrated and angry that money is a barrier to people aspiring to learn new things.  There are many people who aren’t prepared to put themselves that far in debt for the sake of education.

I understand that education costs money, I am not denying that, however, the cost of 12 months education (via distance may I add) is utterly ludicrous.

I hope you can use your position to do something about this.  It’s simply not good enough.  If we are to build up our society we need to encourage education.  The price tag associated with higher education means that many people simply do not educate themselves.  This makes us much poorer as a nation and we must do something about it.

The nations of the world with the lowest unemployment and  crime rates all have one thing in common; high levels of education.  Let us move towards being one of those nations.  Let us not punish those who want to learn and contribute to society.

Megan Orrin



If you want to use this letter to send the same message, feel free.

You can contact Senator Kim Carr HERE

You can contact MP Bill Shorten HERE


6 Replies to “The Cost Of Education”

  1. What is worse Megan is that last year when I did my 6 month Cert IV it cost $4000 & because I have a higher qualification I was not eligible for fee-help or any government assistance. This is despite being unemployed & having a ‘disability’ (in the eyes of the government). The TAFE itself finally gave me a partial scholarship based on hardship & an essay but it still cost $2500. My degree is completely useless now & the certificate course increased my employability but the government no longer assists anyone with a higher qualification. This means even if you have an IT degree from the 70’s (which is clearly obsolete) you need to pay full fees to do any certificate or diploma course to increase your skills/employability. Ridiculous!

    1. I’m with you Emma. That is useless and actively stops people trying to improve their situation in life. I’m so glad you persevered. Others in your place may have given up.

  2. I can’t understand how your course costs $14,800. My entire 4 year uni degree in Software Engineering cost me about $17,000 (with HECS), and I thought that was bad enough. How they can justify nearly $15,000 for one year is beyond me. 😦

  3. If a government spends money now, then the benefits won’t be seen for at least 12 years in the case of school students or in the case of tertiary education for maybe 10.
    Education at all levels improves the value of the labour force and does improve their ability to generate real incomes. In the long run of any individual’s life, the return on investment is usually many times over.

    Politicians and business people can’t see beyond the end of a profit and loss statement or a budget. I still hold the view that all education should be free because an educated society is more curious and innovative.
    The big problem with education is that the time it take to produce monetary returns is longer than an election cycle, that is, further down the track than the end of both Kim Carr and Bill Shorten’s political career.

  4. I feel with you! Here in Sweden education is free to attend and You can apply for a student loan that will at least cover some of your cost of living during your student time.

    You shouldn’t have to pay for an education before you can benefit from it. The Nation state should recognize that is they who are investing in you. Not the other way around.

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