You Are In Charge Of You

Oh how cliche this is going to sound!  You know it’s true though.

You are in charge of you, and that’s all you can ever be in charge of.  Sometimes it’s a good and right thing to help others grow and mature and provide feedback to that effect, however, you still can’t change them.  Some people simply will not listen, will not care, will not change.

I can change me and I can determine how I respond to those around me.  I can make sure that I do what is required of me and do it to the best of my ability, everything else is not within my control, and wanting it to be doesn’t solve anything.

It’s a difficult thing when people behave in a way that makes me utterly furious.  My sense of justice is very strong and when people treat me unjustly I get mad.  I want to do something about it!  It’s just unfair!  I want to make them see how wrong they are!  I want them to apologise and change!  Annoyingly however, I can only control me…

I am in control of my own responses, not another’s actions.  That is all God requires of me; to do what he asks.

This is an easy post to write, it is a difficult one to live.


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