So Justin asked me to write a joke about the font Comic Sans, and a town being sans Sheriff.

(Sans being a French word that means ‘absent’ or ‘without’.)

It’s set in the Wild West in a small town in America, and is a conversation between an outlaw and a deputy.

Here we go:


Deputy:  You’ve had your last warning Comic Sans Kid!

Kid:  But… I’ve got a son.

Deputy:  What?  Don’t change the subject!  You’re committed your last typography crime Comic Sans Kid!

Kid:  For the last time, I’ve got a son!  Where’s the Sheriff anyway?

Deputy:  We’re sans Sheriff.

Kid:  I thought you used Times New Roman?

Deputy:  Huh?  Stop trying to change the subject!  You’re going to jail!  Period!

Kid:  I’m not a woman.

Deputy:  Wait, that’s not what I…

Kid:  That’s it!  I’m outta here!  I’ll see you in Hell…vetica!


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