Not Long Now…

futurama-fry_00367942As the blog title says:  Winter Is Coming.

No wait…

Indonesia Is Coming.

I fly out of the country in 6 and a half weeks!!!  I’m starting to freak out a little…  Once I could count the weeks in single digits it started to feel all too real.  Not that it didn’t feel real before, but now it feels very close (I want to use the word impending, but that sounds rather melodramatic).  I guess that’s because it is close.  Ok, so I’m saying ridiculous things that are painfully obvious to everyone, but to me it’s getting a bit daunting.  There is so much to do in so many areas of my life that I’m feeling the stress.

My job is busy.  It’s the end of a school year which means… reports, exams, finishing up my teaching and leaving everything for the next person.  I’m also going on school camp in week 9 (It’s now week 7).  I also have to pack all my stuff and get it back to Melbourne.

I’m also back at uni, and I’m doing a summer subject.  Thankfully it’s only one, but I still have work to do and assignments to finish and an exam in February to prepare for.

I’m also in 4 bands and have my normal weekly commitments to honour.

And none of this is helping me prepare for next year in Indonesia!  I need to learn a new language, organise to move my whole life overseas, learn a new educational system, raise financial support, get my visa and more.

The end result is stress.

If you know me, you’ll know that I rarely get stressed.  I think God has blessed me with the ability to cope with lots of things at once, and do it well.  This however, is just a bit too much for comfort and I’m definitely feeling it.

If I’m dropping the ball with you, please be gentle with me.  I’m sorry.



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