It turns out that an awful lot of people don’t really know the details of what I’ll be doing overseas.  I’m not sure if this is a communication fault on my part or what, but here we go.  Here are the specifics of what I’ll be doing/where I’ll be living/anything else I decide to include.

Sentani MapHere is a map of where Sentani is.  It’s in Papua, Indonesia.  As you can see it’s right near the border of Papua New Guinea.  It’s in the north eastern corner of Indonesia and is close to the equator.  As you can imagine it’s hot and humid a lot.  I’m not so excited about the humidity…  I am excited about the beaches though 🙂

I’m leaving on Sunday Jan 5th in the morning.  I’ll spend the first 5 days in Bali at a conference.  It’s a chance for all the Pioneers workers in the surrounding countries to get together (which they do every few years).  Pioneers is the organisation I’m going overseas with.  They don’t run the school I’ll be teaching in, but they work in the area and have an association with the school.

My first day of work is Jan 13th (which is a staffing day only), then the students are back on Jan 14th.  Not much time to settle in!

IMG_0701-729412The school I’ll be teaching in is Hillcrest International School.  Click on the link to have a look.  The picture on the left is part of the campus taken from Google images.

I’ll be teaching Maths & Psychology.  My preferred combination!  Whoo!  They run on an American schooling system, so that will take some getting used to.  This also means that they run mid-year to mid-year, so I’ll be coming in half way through a school year.  For the first 6 months I’ll only be teaching a 0.6 load so I can have time to do some language learning.  I think this will really help me settle in and adapt to my new environment.  Half way through the year (in the new school year) I’ll pick up 2 more Maths subjects and start teaching full time.

I’ll be living on campus, which is a big compound.  I’m going to sharing a two bedroom apartment with an American primary teacher called Cherie.  This is a great start for me as it’s one less thing to try and organise.

Sentani, Indonesia 015I won’t be earning a wage.  Yes, that means I’ll be working for free, as do all the teachers there.  Thankfully the cost of living is rather cheap so I don’t need lots of money to survive.  There are people who have generously chosen to support me in this adventure and are going to give financially each month so that I can afford to live and serve in a needy part of the world.  Others have given me one off donations, and that has also been really wonderful and will help me buy things I need when I get there and pay for particular things that will come up from time to time.  To be sustainable in my mission there I will need regular financial support (as my savings will run out eventually), and I am so grateful to those who have already partnered with me in this way.  I haven’t reached my financial target yet (even though I’m close) so if you’d like to support me financially, please let me know.

Now for some miscellaneous information.  I can do my shopping at local supermarkets/markets.  I will definitely catch malaria.  It’s not safe for me to go around on my own (but I’m fine in groups).  The weather doesn’t change much.  I’d love for people to come and visit me.  My friend Sabine is coming in May to join me for 5 months.

I’m going for a minimum of 18 months with the intention of staying longer.  I don’t know how long I’ll be there.  Until God tells me to come back I guess!

I’m excited and really looking forward to this adventure with God and others.  It’ll be great to broaden my perspectives and learn more about God, others and the world.  I can’t wait to make new friends and see new places.  However, having said all this, I’m also nervous about going to a country where I don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language.  I’ve taught myself some bass phrases and how to count (so I can at least understand money and time), but that’s about it.  I know there will be hard times where I’ll miss people and just want to come home, but hopefully the good times will far outweigh the hard!

Well that’s all I can think of for now.  If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.


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