Almost There…

Today is my last day in Bali!  It’s almost time to go to my new home!  I’ll be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) morning because I’m taking an overnight flight (boooooooo!).

I’ve had such a fantastic week meeting lots of new people and getting to know some of those I’ll be working with in Papua.  I’m excited about settling into my new life!  I’ll have my own apartment on school campus (there are a bunch of apartments for teachers) which I’ll move into tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see what it’s like!

IMG_2477Now it’s time for some photos.  I’ve been staying in Sanur and this is the beach.  Not that great, but still, beach!







The other night the Papua team went out for dinner together and we all fit in a taxi together.  All 15 of us.  Yup.  We’re not all in this photo, but you get the general idea.  And the door was open.  None of this traffic safety rubbish in Indonesia!  You can’t even imagine the traffic.  No one stays in their own lanes, speed limits are irrelevant (although due to the traffic everyone drives at about 40 anyway).  I think if my parents (Hi Mum and Dad!) saw the traffic here they’d have heart attacks.  And I do mean actual heart attacks.  They’re not fans of people cutting them off in Australia.  There are giant intersections here with no lights or signs, people just move through them.  I haven’t seen an accident yet, so somehow it works!




IMG_2465I also got to try fresh coconut juice.  I do not like it sadly.  But it did look fun.



Yesterday I went on a drive through middle/northern Bali to see what the rural parts look like.  Very pretty, but very poor. The poverty is really in your face, it made me sad to see.

As part of this trip I went to a coffee plantation, saw hand fabric painting & silver jewellery making, a volcano (Kintamani) and some rice fields.  Very beautiful!  Oh, and did I mention HOT!  EVERYTHING IS HOT ALL THE TIME!  Boooooo to humidity!


And here I am at the rice fields.IMG_2622

It’s been great seeing this part of Indonesia, it’s truly beautiful.  I’m looking forward to exploring Papua next and settling into my new life.

There are some full on things I’ve been learning about Papua, but I’ll write that in my next blog.  Bye for now.


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