Ahhh, Melbourne

IMG_5696That is the sound of me sighing with delight.  Melbourne is just so wonderful!

I have truly enjoyed being back here.  I love the familiarity and the ease of this place.  I can get around easily, both by car and public transport.  I am physically safe here, something that I truly appreciate now on a level I never have before.  There are so many options for things to do that if you don’t want to be bored, you never have to be.  My family and friends are here (well, I now have new friends somewhere else too).  I love the sheer variety of [good] food available.  I am just really enjoying myself.

Yesterday I meandered through the city, and at one point I was sitting outside a small restaurant in a laneway under a heater while it gently drizzled (I was under an awning), having a pot of tea and listening to a man busk, playing classical music on a cello beautifully.  I was just so content in that moment.

IMG_5704I adore the laneway culture of Melbourne.  I love the little shops and the tiny restaurants.  Something about them feels cosy, intimate and special.

Another thing I have really missed about Melbourne is the live music scene.  Live music makes me happy.  There is something about the interactivity of hearing music live that makes the experience of the music better somehow.  I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s been my experience.  Well, GOOD live music anyway!  I’ve been so lucky to know so many talented musicians in my life and I love discovering new ones.  And the great thing about Melbourne is that you can walk into so many venues, not knowing who is playing and find great music.  Most of the time anyway.  That makes me happy.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Hamilton for the weekend.  It’ll be good to see everyone back up there and speak at my church about my time in Indonesia.  Hopefully the weather isn’t too abysmal, but knowing Hamilton I don’t have high hopes…

IMG_5720That’s another thing I’m pleasantly surprised about.  It’s been cold here, but I haven’t really minded.  The change in weather has been a nice variation actually.  The weather in Sentani never changes.  It’s 32 every day and 23 every night, give or take 2 degrees.  And it’s ALWAYS humid.  That’s the part I don’t like.  I’ve been a bit cold here, but I don’t mind too much.  My sinuses are freaking out about the dry weather though!  I can’t stop sneezing!  I’m getting a taste of what it must be like to have hay fever.  I don’t like it…

I also LOVE snuggling up under my doona!  I miss being able to do that!

I leave to go back to Indonesia on July 28th, and it’ll take just over 24 hours to get there.  I’m happy to be going back, I’m not ready to leave for good just yet, but it will be a bit hard to leave Melbourne.  I have really enjoyed my time here and I know it’ll be hard to go back to a place that isn’t so easy to live in.

IMG_5685For the next 2 weeks I’ll be soaking up my love of Melbourne and my love of my people here 🙂

I’m also going to enjoy my last 2 weeks of wearing scarves, jackets, and being able to wear my hair out without it feeling utterly gross from sweat!


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