Current Favourites

SultanI often get asked what my favourite song is.  I honestly don’t have one.  My favourite music is constantly changing.  I have a few all time favourite singers, or albums, or a few songs I always come back to, but my favourites really do change regularly.  So I decided to share a few of my current favourites.  I’ve included links to where you can listen to/buy these songs if you’re interested.

If you’ve got some you’d like to recommend, please put them in the comments.  I’m always after good, new music.

Here they are in no particular order:


Open Window – Tobias Hengeveld     (this whole album actually!)

Gullible Few – Dan Sultan

Like This – Al Parkinson Missy-Higgins_228-1-640x776

Begin Again – Megan Washington

Home Is Where He Is – Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds

A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

Oh Darling – Gossling

Chandelier – Sia

Sigh No More – Joss Whedon

Wasting My Young Years – London Grammar

Big Giant Me – Shawnee Kilgore & Joss Whedon

Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy

Shark Fin Blues – Missy Higgins



Speaking of old favourites, I never get sick of Katie Noonan.  She sang at the MH17 memorial the other day and it was too beautiful. Here it is.


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