I’m Back


I’m back!  I left Melbourne on Wednesday morning and arrived in Sentani Thursday morning.  It’s so insane that it takes 24 hours to get somewhere that isn’t actually that far away.  The way I feel about arriving back is rather telling about how I feel about my life here now.  I’m actually glad to be back.

I had a wonderful time in Australia and I loved spending time with family, friends and cafes, but I was actually ready to come home.  This has been a positive mindset shift for me.  I’m truly happy to be here now.  I love my job, I have great friends and I really like my life here.  There are obviously difficult things about living in a third world country (shopping is still difficult, road rules are again optional, as are proper roads, my stomach is having to get used to Indonesia again, etc etc), those things haven’t gone away, but I now like living here.  And the views aren’t bad either.  The top photo is the view from behind the school office looking up to Mount Cyclops.  The next photo is the view from my new place.  Not bad eh?


I moved house about 4 days before I left for Oz, and now I have 2 housemates, Jennifer (ESL teacher) & Cherie (Grade 4 teacher).  Up to this point I’ve been living on my own, but I’m enjoying having housemates.  I moved to the next building and now live in a 3 bedroom apartment.  It’ll be nice to have some company at home (not that I’m home a whole lot).

Teachers start work this Thursday, then the kids are back next Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to getting into a new school year, with all the challenges and opportunities that brings.  This year I’m teaching Algebra 1 (year 9), Geometry (year 10), Algebra 2 (year 11), Year 10 English and Psychology (years 11/12).  Pretty similar to last year, but I’m swapping grade 6 Maths for year 10 English.  I’ll also be running the high school choir again, I absolutely loved doing that last year!  I spent some time over the break arranging music.

So all in all, so far so good.  Here’s hoping the feeling lasts 🙂


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