Time To Go Back…

I’m feeling both happy and sad about today.  I get to go home to a life that I enjoy, but I have to leave a life that I enjoy.  I’m going to miss my family and friends so much.  I’ve loved getting to see them all again and I’ve also loved being back in such an easy part of the world.


I wanted to share some updates from a couple of friends back in Sentani over the last couple of days, just to give you a picture of what life can be like there.

Life in Papua is never dull: we are going on a week with no running water due to our well running dry and no city water. Thanks El Niño. Aaaaand, after ordering a fire truck of water to fill our tank and joyfully opening our faucets to let the water run over our dirty hands and stinky toilets, we unknowingly funnelled THOUSANDS of dead bees into our pipes (a hive must have fallen into our tank and died sometime in the last week) clogging every water source in the house so that only sewer-like, wormy water could drizzle out. Pak Dandy, our favorite handy man, is spending Saturday cutting open pipes and flushing bee decay out.

I heard my helper answer her cell phone and kept telling the person “I’m coming, I’m coming” in a frantic voice. They told her her 18 year old daughter was in a motor bike accident and had a head injury and was unconscious. We took off to the hospital that is about 20 minutes away. The man called back numerous times but my helper couldn’t understand him. He was from a different part of the country. I tried to talk to him and understood a little more. He said we needed to stop and buy oxygen on our way. I started to get the feeling this was a scam. I told my helper we would go straight to the hospital first. My helper was so upset and really wanted me to stop and buy this “medicine” I didn’t know it till afterward that the man was telling her if we didn’t bring the medicine in 15 minutes her daughter would die. We got to the hospital and her daughter was not there. It was all a scam. If we had stopped and bought the oxygen (at a specific store he was telling us to go to) I’m sure we would have been sold a very small amount at an outrageous price. Such a cruel way to get a little money from innocent people!!

Sadly that second one is not an uncommon scam in our part of the world…

Now to finish with a pretty picture.  The outskirts of Melbourne is rather beautiful.



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