(Editor’s note: My photos are massive and I can’t seem to shrink them without making them very tiny.  I’ll work on that…)

The internet is finally working again!  YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!  As of Friday we have the internet again!  It’s been more than a month without internet here, and whilst it’s still dial up speed awfulness, it’s better than nothing.  I’ve been using the 3G on my phone in the meantime and that’s hardly sustainable.

The exciting part is that we’re getting actual fibre optic cable internet!  It was meant to be here in November… but it is coming.  The cables are up on the hill, just not connected yet.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.

It’s been a while since I’ve written because my laptop hasn’t been able to connect to the internet, so here I go.

On the way home from the beach


Over the Christmas break my mum and aunty came to visit!  It was so awesome to have people from home come to see where I live and understand more about my life here.  I had such a great time showing them around and seeing life through their eyes for a while.  We went to the beach, the capital of our province, flew out to a remote village, went to the lake, looked around town, etc.  I wanted to show them what my life is like day to day as much as possible.

The village of Mamit
Mum in Mamit in front of our plane

They were also here for New Years Eve, and it was pretty great.  The fireworks are incredible! (photo cred to Andrew Kimball)

Sentani on NYE

After a great week in Sentani we went to Bali together for a holiday for another week.  It was so nice to go somewhere full of convenience and ease for a while.  I truly had a brilliant time!

The rice fields in Bali
Hindu temple in Bali
At a coffee plantation in Bali

After Bali it was time to immediately get back to school.  Christmas is not our big break here as we go mid year to mid year instead of calendar years.

This semester I gave up Algebra II (year 11) and picked up Pre-Calculus (year 12).  We had a teacher leave at the end of last semester so we had to do a bit of reshuffling.  I’m really enjoying it, but it’s definitely more work because I’ve never taught this subject arranged quite like this before.  Second semester is almost all trigonometry and it’s been a while since I did this level of trig.  It’s actually fun though!  Choir is still going well.  I love the challenge of arranging music.

My incredible choir

We’re preparing for OE at the moment.  That’s where we take our whole high school into a remote village for 2 weeks.  We’re going from Feb 22 – March 4 this year.  I can’t wait!  No electricity, running water, toilets, showers, anything.  This year we’re going to the Ilugwa area to a village called Danama.  We’ll be doing more water projects like last year as well as running kids’ clubs, doing AIDS/HIV awareness training, medical stuff and anything else they need.  Whoooo!!!  This is my brilliant group.

My 2016 OE group

And there’s a bit of a summary of the last couple of months.

Aussies + honorary Aussies

Also, I now have purple hair.  Well, some purple hair.



2 Replies to “INTERNET!!!”

  1. Great photos, Megan. Heard a bit from your Mum. Glad you could have that time with her. All the best with your teaching. I almost feel envious – used to teach Maths. Blessings and keep persevering. Frank H

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