Belajar Bahasa

Driving around Makassar


I’m currently in Makassar (on the island of Sulawesi) for a month learning Indonesian.  I’m here with a friend from Sentani, Alicia (our school nurse), and we’re studying at the local university.  So far it’s been excellent!  We’ve learnt so much in the first week already!  Our teachers are so lovely and make us speak almost exclusively Indonesian, which is hard, but good for us!  I’m really enjoying feeling more confident with my language skills so quickly.  There are 9 units as part of the language course and we’re doing unit 2.

We have 2 hour lessons in the morning 5 days a week, and starting this week we’ll be doing much more.  We’ll now have tutoring sessions in the afternoons to practice more what we’ve been learning.  This will be with a woman who doesn’t speak English, so there is no crutch to fall back on!  Again, this will be really good for us, but hard.

We get to uni each day on a bentor (a motorbike powered carriage).  They’re extremely common here.


Local public transport.  The blue van on the left is an ancot (taxi) and the red thing on the right is a bentor.


Makassar is an amazingly huge city, and having come from small Sentani, I’m really enjoying it!  We even got lost in the local mall this week it’s so big!  Although that was more due to the horrific layout of the mall!  People who’ve been here for months still get lost in that place.  We’re enjoying more diverse food options and shopping, even if it is just window shopping, although I did buy a $4 selfie stick and it’s awesome.  Judge away!  This way we can get photos of us AND the background instead of just close ups of our faces.

Batik (local fabric)


Local kids pick the berries from the tree in the front yard


Looking after the kids we’re staying with


Eating a local speciality called coto with Chris, Amy & the fam


Yesterday we went on a road trip to the mountains.  Chris & Amy (who we’re staying with) were kind enough to let us borrow their car.  We went to a HUGE tea plantation where we drank delicious green tea and incredible fresh strawberry juice.  The trip was problematic though because google maps told us to go the wrong way, so it took about 45 mins longer to get there than it should, then both of our phones died and I had to get us back without the aid of maps.  I got us home without a single wrong turn!  Winner!

The tea plantation


Selfie stick!


Next we went to a strawberry farm and went a little overboard with picking strawberries 🙂  But they were super cheap so it was fine!  We’ve eaten a lot of strawberries in the last 24 hours!  We can’t get them in Sentani, so it’s a wonderful treat.

The public toilet at the strawberry farm.  This was a really good one.  No bad smell, hardly any flies and relatively clean.


On the way home we stopped by some rice fields just because they were pretty 🙂

Yes, I’d been sunburnt by this stage.   As usual.  Stupid English skin…


Today I spent most of the day lazing around because I’m sick.  Boooooooo!  My throat is swollen and my nose is totally stuffed up.  The asthma isn’t much fun either.  Sigh…

All in all it’s going really well here.  I should be back in Papua by July 9 or 10.  I can’t wait to see how good my language is in another few weeks!


8 Replies to “Belajar Bahasa”

  1. Sounds like much fun Meegs… am very jealous of that cool fabric selection there…

    Loving the photos, sending you big huggles…

    Happy learning xo

  2. It should be called a ‘more-than-selfie stick’! That $4 splurge could almost be justified …
    So glad you’re learning lots and enjoying it! It’s going to be great having more language.
    God bless with quick healing!

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