Him? Seriously?

Donald Trump?  Really?

There are many things to say about both American Presidential candidates right now.  They both have issues; neither of them are people I would dream of as an ideal leader.  I have no desire to dissect them both; many, many people have already done that.  There is only one issue I need to bring up to settle the question of who is worse.

Donald Trump literally brags about sexually assaulting women.  He literally brags about it! At no other point in history could anyone have done such a thing and even be in the running for President, let alone become a nominee!  Bill Clinton has been attacked throughout the years (and rightly so, mostly) for cheating on his wife, but if a man is berated and judged for cheating on his wife with another consenting woman, how then is a man who brags about sexual assault not treated much more harshly?  Think about that.  Please honestly think about that.

Trump has cheated on his wives (of which he is currently on #3) and admitted it.  He has also slept with married women and bragged about it.  How are the same people who criticise Hilary for taking back a cheating husband ok with Trump, who has behaved so much worse?  Neither are ok, so why is Hilary judged (especially when she wasn’t the one who cheated) and Trump is excused?  I can’t use the words I want to describe the vileness (and painfully obvious sexism) of this.

Trump is now trying to disparage the image of women who claim he sexually assaulted them.  The classic bully line is that their victims aren’t attractive enough to be assaulted.  Sexual assault is about power, not sex, and this is the most base and cliché power grab, “I wouldn’t touch her, look at her”.  Please. That just confirms his arrogant, bullying persona.

He also has 5 children by 3 different women.  Can you imagine if Hilary had done that?  I plan to address to sheer sexism of this at some other point, but not now.

Defending some of his talk as ‘locker room talk’ is disgusting on every level.  Firstly, this isn’t just locker room talk; he has admitted to actual sexual assault.  He has actually committed the crimes of which he brags, they aren’t just words.  The words in and of themselves would be bad enough, but don’t kid yourself; they’re not just words.

The fact that someone running for President of the United States can admit to sexual assault and not be disqualified immediately is a horrendous reflection on America.  Think about that.  He is a proud sexual predator and people want him to be in charge of their country.

Back to the ‘locker room talk’ dismissal.  No.  Men are better than this.  Most of the men I know are better than this.  If you dismiss this as normal locker room talk, I feel sorry for you and the men that you know.  If you excuse men for talking like this you do not hold them in high esteem.  I respect men more than this.  Only awful men speak like this.

If you don’t expect men to respect women, what are you saying to other women?  It’s normal to be demeaned like that?  Donald Trump Jr said that women who can’t handle sexual harassment “Don’t belong in the workplace”.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It is not normal for men to disrespect women, that is both awful for men and women.  Men are better than that, and women deserve better than that.  What are you telling your daughters, your friends, and yourself if you are prepared to vote for a man who so blatantly does NOT respect women?  Oh, but he says he respects women, right?  Please…

Do not excuse his inhuman behaviour.  You may not like Hilary, fine, vote for someone else or don’t vote, but you cannot vote for this man and demand to be respected because he treats no one with respect; he respects no one but himself.  That is not the leader for anyone.


(Please don’t comment on this with anti-Hilary rhetoric.  Don’t vote for her if you can’t in good conscience, just don’t vote for him.  He is a disgusting sexual predator and you know it.  You’re just choosing to ignore it and excuse it.  And make no mistake, if you vote for him you ARE excusing sexual predators.)


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