487144_10151427861527915_1856642545_nWhat to say?  I like turtles and cups of tea.  Now that the important things are out of the way, let’s move on.  I’m interested in so many things.  I’m passionate about everyone being given patience, grace, opportunity and encouragement.  This particularly comes out in my profession as a teacher.  I am a Maths/Psychology teacher currently teaching in a small international school in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia, but I’m from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  I am a musician and that feeds my soul.  I play the piano and trumpet, and I also sing.  I also dabble on the ukulele.  No, I don’t know how to time travel.  No, I don’t know the secret to fusion power.  Stop asking me!  And if this is David Tennant, please stop contacting me.  I’ve told you I’m not interested.  Although if this IS David Tennant, please contact me.