Free World

This is quite amazing (thanks for sharing Jenny).  I highly suggest you check it out. Apparently my slavery score is 39.


Dear Facebook Users

Dear people saying that we shouldn't whine about a free service we choose to be a part of: If FaceBook is a free service they want us to be a part of (because they make S*&^loads of money off us) then they should create a user friendly service that we can customise according to how …

Capital Punishment

Only in the USA can you get away with being pro-war AND pro-death penalty, and yet call yourself pro-life. - Hugh Hollowel   I'd love to hear your thoughts on a fb conversation I had today (that quote was my status.)  I'm M and the respondent is C:   (response)  C:  Yes we can! It makes …

Write to the PM

I just emailed our Prime Minister.  If you are interested in the asylum seeker debate, I suggest you do the same.  It's no good disagreeing if you don't act.  HERE is where you can email our PM.  Feel free to use my message, or write your own.  Here is what I wrote: I am writing …

Peter Rollins

Thought provoking. Reguardless of what you think of the content, it's how many people feel and it's worth contemplating why they feel this way and how we can engage with it. The Dis-Courses from Peter Rollins on Vimeo.